Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine Cards

Good evening my friends. I hope everyone is staying warm. This weather has certainly been crazy this week, Wednesday we had a high of 43 and Friday we will have a high of 63 and going up over the weekend. No wonder everyone is getting sick. The good thing about it being so cold for a lot of you, you have been able to get into your craft room. I have been off for these past 3 days and have done the same thing.

I finished my Valentine cards about a week ago, but didn't want to post until I had mailed them out. I used an old Stampin Up set for my cards this year.

I got my inspiration from an older post (2011) by Candace Mitchell, if you want to check out her blog.I kept the basic idea but changed a couple of things. I like the way my card came out and was so happy I got them done in plenty of time. I ended up making 23 to send out to family and friends.

That's it for me for tonight. Everyone have a good weekend, I'm working.  But it's a good trade off because after working for 3 days, I will be off for 6 and will be getting back into my craft room. So good night and BIG HUGS to you all.

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