Sunday, October 9, 2011

Juneau Alaska Layouts

Here are the Alaska layouts I finished up last night at my crop. I still have so many more pictures to do and this is just the first port of call. Oh well, I am tackling them one layout at a time. Have a wonderful evening and BIG hugs to you all!

The first two layouts I loved the flowers and just some scenery. The one with me and the polar bears were taken up on Mt. Roberts. I have actually had a couple people ask me if I really fed the bears. I had to snicker, because I really don't think I would get that close to polar bears, even if I could.

This is the salmon bake we went to. It was really nice there. It was pretty chilly, but not to bad. They had heaters all over to make it comfortable.

This big fella was at the salmon bake enjoying all the attention he was getting. He was a sweety, a bit smelly, but sweet.

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