Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home Decor

Good evening my friends. I'm getting better at making a post. It's only been 9 days since my last one, so much better than 2 months.

The other day I bought a oil and vinegar bottle set and since I don't use vinegar that much decided to use both bottles for the 2 types of oil I use. I decided to customize my bottles for my oils. One bottle is for olive oil and the other is for vegetable oil. Since the bottles weren't that big I decided not to use vegetable because it was to long. So I ended up just using oil, after all, I will know which type it is. So here are my new oil bottles that will be sitting next to my stove.

It's kinda hard to see the olive oil because the oil is darker, but I was very satisfied with how this project came.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and BIG HUGS to you all.

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