Monday, April 25, 2011

I've Been Given an Award!

I am very tickled to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from Lori at Craftin Blind THANK YOU LORI!   Check out Lori's blog if you haven't been there before.

I am new at receiving awards and there are some rules.  The rules for receiving the Versatile Blogger award are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who awarded The Versatile Blogger Award to you.
2.  Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers.

Now the 7 things about me.

1.  Love my Cricut & Gypsy. Can't use one without the other.
2.  Have one son, James.
3. Live in a rural area and 12 cats have adopted me over the years.
4. Work in the golf shop at the airport and I don't golf.
5.  Coordinate and teach at our Cricut swarm.
6.  Been married for 21 years this October.
7.  Was born in France and can't speak french. My Mom was an Army bride.

I have awarded the following 15 blogs the Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  Sherry's Scrapbooks & Paper
2.  Crafty Card Gallery
3.  Bit By The Cricut Bug
4.  Funkycards
5.  More Than Favors
6.  Creative Cutter Room
7.  The Flip Side of  Me
8.  Just What I can {squeeze} In
9.  Scrapbookaholic By Abby
10.  Teachdanz
11.  Lynda's Creative Touches
12.  Craftyful Gardens
13.  Paper Maine-iac!!
14.  The Best Is Yet To Be
15.  The Crafty Kitten


  1. Congrats on your award they are always so much fun to win. Traci

  2. Thank you Patti! You ROCK!! I am following you now:)

  3. Congrats on getting an award. Momo sent me ( now a follower ) and I havent been blogging long. I only have one project posted so far but feel free to stop by and take a look around.

    Happy Crafing,

  4. Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it!


  5. Congrats! And thank you so much for passing it to me! I've been pretty busy lately but as soon as I have time I'll post about it! :)